Tree Removal: When to cut down a tree in Alberton?

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29 Mar 2019Most of us have fond memories of a tree. Maybe you once climbed a tree before, or perhaps a tree house was your favourite spot to hang out with your peer group. We can’t deny the fact that all of us have enjoyed the fun a tree gave us since we were young. […]

Precise tree removal at a luxury home based at Southport

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14 Mar 2019When it comes to attention to detail Tree Essence prove time and time again to their customers that they go to great lengths to protect their clients assets. In the past month, Tree Essence had the pleasure of dealing with a job where precision and care were key factors. This was particularly the […]

3 benefits of tree pruning in Ashmore

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08 Mar 2019Tree pruning refers to an arboricultural practice that involves removing certain tree parts such as branches and a dense web of roots. It is not just about aesthetics but it is the most common tree maintenance you can execute. In Ashmore, trees you can usually find there are trees with overgrown branches touching […]

Land Clearing on the Gold Coast

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15 Feb 2019Each suburb on the Gold Coast consists of trees. They provide fresher air and a relaxing view for the residents all across the City from the far reaches of Stapylton all the way south to Natural Bridge and east to Coolangatta. But storm event such as cyclones, thunderstorms and gusty winds can impact […]

Tree Removal in Tallebudgera Valley

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08 Feb 2019Healthy trees can protect people and buildings. They help stop global warming by reducing the carbon dioxide in the environment and produce oxygen for us to inhale. Trees also provide food for us humans and for herbivores. These are just some of the advantages of trees, but little do we know that trees […]

Stump Grinding in Helensvale

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25 Jan 2019When a tree is chopped down, there’s a small remaining portion of the trunk with the roots still affixed to the ground. These are called stumps. They give a very unattractive look to your lawn and might even cause harm, as innocent bystanders may accidentally fall or collide into them. The only way […]

Bushfire Precautions in Tallebudgera

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18 Jan 2019Gutters must be cleared away from debris or stockpiles of leaves. Dry leaves are combustible and might help spread any flames on your roof. It must be cleaned up and composted. Though leaves can come from trees in your own backyard, it is advisable that you don’t cut them off. In fact, trees […]

Foliar Spraying in Kingsholme

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11 Jan 2019Foliar feeding is a technique used by arboriculturists to give plants the nutrients needed to grow healthier in relatively less amount of time. The fertiliser is mixed with water and then sprayed on to the leaves. Plants absorb nutrients faster through the leaves which makes foliar feeding a very effective way of keeping […]

Garden Mulching in Pimpama

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04 Jan 2019Adding mulch to your garden doesn’t just add for an aesthetically pleasing appearance, but a practical purpose also. Beneficial to the health of your trees and plants, mulches stimulate microflora and microfauna in your soil – reducing weed growth whilst ensuring moisture levels are maintained adequately. Watering and consequent watering costs are therefore […]

Leopard Tree Care in Oxenford

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28 Dec 2018Leopard Tree (Libidibia Ferrea), a huge, semi-deciduous tree can be pruned and maintained properly for suburban pathways. The autumn leaf display with its toughness in frost and drought situations have made the tree one that us used by many Queensland landscapers – most especially in Oxenford. Many families in Oxenford own a Leopard […]