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5 Common Reasons To Remove A Tree From Your Yard

tree removal

Trees are amazing! They improve the air quality around us and have a calming effect on our minds & souls.  Trees provide shelter to many local birds, insects and other wildlife and shade and privacy to our homes. Naturally, we want to try everything to preserve the beautiful trees around us.   However, at times […]

How to prepare your trees for winter in South East Queensland

winter pruning

When the nights get colder in autumn, it’s an excellent time to prepare your trees for winter. Winter garden prep helps your trees remain strong throughout the cooler months and provides them with the best chance to thrive again in the year’s warmer months.  Here are some tips to give your trees the best chance […]

The Most Popular Deciduous Trees in Australia

decidious tree

The fact is that in Australia, we don’t have many deciduous trees. Most of our trees are evergreens. So why is that, and what are the most popular deciduous trees in the land down under?    Why don’t we have many deciduous trees Down Under? While there are clear environmental messages in other parts of […]

Top 8 Environmental Benefits of Tree Planting

trees and their benefits

Trees provide our backyards with shade and aesthetics. They also benefit the people living around them by having a calming effect and are even known to help reduce stress levels.  Aside from the positive impact on our well-being, trees also provide various environmental benefits, which we like to share with you here.   1. Remove […]

Can I remove a tree from my nature strip?

nature strips

Owning a property gives you the opportunity to turn your garden into a pleasant environment for you and your family to enjoy. While this is true for the land you own, it doesn’t apply to the nature strip in front of your property. The nature strip is owned and controlled by your local council. While […]

5 Main Benefits of Stump Grinding

stump grinding

Tree stumps can be unattractive, annoying or even flat out dangerous. If you recently had a tree cut down, the odds are that you’re in the process of deciding what you will do with the stump. We share the five main benefits of tree stump grinding and why it might be necessary.    Fast & […]

3 of the most suitable trees for your South East Queensland backyard

trees in backyard 1

When you do it right, planting trees in your backyard can add massive value to your home and lifestyle. Get it wrong, and you could end up with enormous, root invading, leaf litter-dropping plants that can cost you big. So before you start planting, we like to share some info on some of the most […]

How to protect your property from termites?


If you live in South East Queensland, you have likely heard of termites and understand the extent of damage these little creatures can cause to your garden and home.  Knowing the warning signs of a termite infestation allows you to act fast to stop them in their tracks before they do irreversible damage to your […]

3 Benefits of Soil Injection

tree maintenance 2

Although it may sound complicated, soil injection is a simple and relatively standard process. Soil injections deliver pesticides and chemical fertiliser directly into a tree through the root zone or the soil beneath it. The injected material is absorbed by the root’s branches and eventually reaches the canopy helping your trees to thrive.  So what […]

Why Hire An Arborist?

Why hire an arborist new

An arborist, in simple terms, is a certified tree surgeon trained in the planting, care and maintenance of individual trees. Trees are an excellent investment and provide enormous value to your property. They offer privacy from your neighbours and add to the aesthetic of your yard.  From time to time, trees need a little attention. […]

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