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Tree Removal: When to cut down a tree in Alberton?

29 Mar 2019
Most of us have fond memories of a tree. Maybe you once climbed a tree before, or perhaps a tree house was your favourite spot to hang out with your peer group. We can’t deny the fact that all of us have enjoyed the fun a tree gave us since we were young. But once it will grow and die, the tree that played a big role in your childhood becomes a safety risk not just in your property but also in your neighbour’s house. Here is a guide that will help you identify whether your tree in Alberton is dead or not, and when is the right time to remove it.

Growing fungus
Moss is not an issue, but fungi and mushrooms are. These two indicate a tree is about to die. According to experts, it also signifies that the tree is rotting from the inside out. When this happens, tree branches are getting delicate and might cause an accident when collapsed to the ground.

Roots showing along the ground
When roots start showing along the ground, the tree is having a hard time managing the land. One of the reasons why roots show up is because of its shallow root system that causes a tree to lean. Though it’s not bad for a tree to be in a leaning position, it can cause harm to the residents in Alberton.

When a tree is showing signs of stress, it’s time to cut it down. Some of the signs of a stressed tree are leaf drop, leaf colouration, peeling bark and broken twigs and branches.

If you have trees near your home in Alberton, it’s better to pay attention to their health. But when it’s time to cut them down, don’t hesitate to call on the qualified arborists from Tree Essence today. They offer tree removal, tree pruning and other tree-related services in suburbs Alberton and beyond. Call them via phone on 1300 487 333 or visit their office at 19 Jay Gee Court, Nerang.

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