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Garden Mulching in Pimpama

04 Jan 2019
Adding mulch to your garden doesn’t just add for an aesthetically pleasing appearance, but a practical purpose also. Beneficial to the health of your trees and plants, mulches stimulate microflora and microfauna in your soil – reducing weed growth whilst ensuring moisture levels are maintained adequately. Watering and consequent watering costs are therefore lowered.

An example pictured here is of wood chips provided by Tree Essence to a client growing strawberries, based out of Pimpama on Queensland’s Gold Coast. Tree Essence are Gold Coast’s preferred tree arborists.

Here’s a few common types of mulch out there in the market.

Wood Chips
Wood chips are generally large and readily available, and are preferred when one’s purpose is to prevent the growth of weeds and pesticides. Though they break down rather slowly, they use nitrogen from the soil to do so.

Straw forms the remnants for the stalks and stems that once formed part of a legume or grain crop. Straw from plants that have high nitrogen content (such as peas or lucerne) are preferred as they provide for excellent additional nutrients to your soil. These are ideal for vegetable or fruit gardens. The downside of straw, however, is it’s difficulty to find and may also contain traces of pesticides when it was once a part of a field.

Shredded Bark
Like wood chips, shredded bark is a by product of timber derived from pine or hardwood industry. It too captures nitrogen as it breaks down into the soil.

Grass Clippings
Grass clippings are generally readily and easily available, break down quickly and add some vital nutrients to soil. When fresh, it is advised that grass clippings be applied in thin layers as they can start to rot when wet.

If you’re desiring some organic mulch for your garden to give it that extra visual and nutritional boost, contact the team from Tree Essence today on 1300 487 333 or visit their office in 19 Jay Gee Court, Nerang.

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