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Leopard Tree Care in Oxenford

28 Dec 2018
Leopard Tree (Libidibia Ferrea), a huge, semi-deciduous tree can be pruned and maintained properly for suburban pathways. The autumn leaf display with its toughness in frost and drought situations have made the tree one that us used by many Queensland landscapers – most especially in Oxenford.

Many families in Oxenford own a Leopard Tree planted in their backyards. The tree provides light to moderate summer shade. It offers panicle spikes of bright yellow flowers produced at the stem tips. Recently, Jamie and his team from Tree Essence were called out to a family home in Oxenford where a backyard Leopard Tree seemed to continuously get in the way of a family enjoying the full breadth and extent of their yard. Tree Essence looked to help prune this Oxenford Leopard Tree, and free up some much needed airspace for this young and growing family.

Unbeknown to many homeowners, however, in recent times, Leopard Trees have been considered a disturbance as a result of their fallen seed pods that cause noise and hazards to those that circulate around it. The children within this Oxenford home would often play around it but their toys such as frisbees and kites would frequently get stuck because of the large branches that require tree pruning.

For this particular problem, Jamie and the team at Tree Essence recently conducted tree pruning work at this Oxenford home.

Leopard tree owners should always keep their Leopard tree maintained well to avoid hazards, accidents and lost frisbees or kites. They can do this by reaching Jamie and the Tree Essence team to do the service. Tree Essence can do a lot of work when it comes to anything Leopard Tree-related.

For tree-related services in suburbs such as Oxenford and surrounds, contact Tree Essence. You can reach them on 1300 487 333 or you can visit them at their office located on Jay Gee Court, Nerang.

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