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01 Feb 2019
Trees on the sunny Gold Coast are everywhere. They give off the perfect calming effect everywhere it is planted. Trees also provide a more liveable environment. Its branches give shade during summer time and fresh air for us to consume. But what if the branches start to fall to the ground and cause inconvenience to the residents your street or neighbourhood on the Gold Coast?

Fallen branches and limbs may cause inconveniences and hazards to residents on the Gold Coast. They also cause disturbance to streetwalkers, commuters and drivers thanks to the fallen branches that block their way. And if you own one huge tree in your lawn, this might be a good thing as it adds beauty to your home’s background but always keep in mind that children love to play on your lawn — particularly under large trees and so broken branches can cause some serious accidents.

Huge trees are also dangerous when it comes to storm season. Storms bring strong winds that will cause trees to fall down. Because of strong winds, trees may also hit your home and neighbouring structures beside it.

If it’s your desire to protect your home, your loved ones and the nearby residents of your Gold Coast home, some tree removal and tree maintenance is advised. Tree Essence, qualified arborists from the City of Gold Coast, offers tree-related services such as tree-pruning, tree-lopping and tree removal. For safe tree removal on the Gold Coast, chat to the team from Tree Essence Today.

You can reach Tree Essence through their phone number 1300 487 333 or drop by their office at 19 Jay Gee Court in Nerang.

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