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If you need tree removal or tree care services, you’re in the right spot. We’ve
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What we do?

The trees on your Gold Coast property provide shade, improve air quality, attract wildlife, and can reduce the temperature in your garden. Sometimes, however, a damaged tree can be more harm than good. Left unattended they can look unsightly, cause damage to your property, or present potential hazards to people nearby.

Our team of professionals have the skills to keep you and your property safe!

Why should you
choose us?

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Know your trees are healthy, and you and your family are safe in your garden.

We at Tree Essence deliver a personal approach to tree care in South Brisbane suburbs, from creating tree care and maintenance plans, to responding to storm damage or fallen trees. We strive to make sure your concerns are addressed, and all work is thoroughly explained and understood before being done.

We take our work seriously, and we guarantee your satisfaction with the work we undertake for you.

What our Clients say

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Jamie and his crew from Tree Essence came to heavily prune my Pioncianna tree. My experience in was excellent. Knowledge was shared in language I could understand, prompt, tidy and overal a pleasure to deal with. They will be returning to do more work over the next couple of months. Jamie is a total professional and it a relief to have found a tradesperson who is so professional and competitively priced. I would highly recommend to my friends or anyone else. Thank you Tree Essence.
Tim RoachTim Roach
02:58 04 Jan 24
Jamie is fantastic, highly recommend these guys
Brigid AveryBrigid Avery
20:29 14 Nov 23
Jamie and his team have helped me numerous times over the last nine years, and I cannot recommend them enough. So professional and knowledgeable, and they take such pride in their work. What is overwhelming out of control trees one minute, is a tidy and clean garden the next! And, much tidier than when they arrived!! I also love the herbal/garden remedy recommendations from Ruben - this time it was Hibiscus tea 😃
01:16 16 Oct 23
Jamie and the crew continued their excellent job maintaining the poinciana at the front of our house on a job a two weeks ago.Over the past few years they have sorted out a few trees etc. causing problems in our back yard as well.They are always very professional in their approach and I have no problem at all recommending Tree Essence for high quality tree maintenance/management.
Scott Wade-GardnerScott Wade-Gardner
21:19 12 Oct 23
Very happy with Jamie and the team. Highly skilled and efficient with the work carried out. Would definitely recommend using Tree Essence
sue elliottsue elliott
20:57 12 Oct 23
Jamie and his crew are excellent. I have used them a couple of times and the workmanship is amazing. They are professional, friendly and easy to communicate with, and the pricing is very competitive . Everything is left clean and tidy. I couldn’t be happier and would highly recommend Tree Essence.
Madison EverettMadison Everett
03:39 22 Aug 23
We got the guys from Tree Essence to cut down a really large date palm over our drive and they offered great service and communication from the initial Enquiry through to cutting down the tree. They didn’t leave a single palm frond behind and offered a really reasonable price! Will definitely be reusing their service again soon.
Tammy VargasTammy Vargas
01:23 21 Aug 23
Highly recommend Tree Essence they did a fantastic job. They were very professional, efficient and reliable including the clean up after the job was done. Thank you so much!!!
Ben HoldawayBen Holdaway
05:54 02 Aug 23
Jamie has been looking after my property for years and it always looks fantastic. It's a delight having Jamie and his team are a great bunch, clean, tidy, respectful and professional, and they are great at what they do.
Shane BrunShane Brun
07:40 27 Jun 23
Jamie and his team did a fantastic job. Very professional, efficient and reliable.The clean up after the job was excellent. I’ll definitely be using them again.
When Jamie came to quote us on tree removal he was on time, very knowledgeable and gave us a very fair price.They did the job in a very professional manner and I was amazed how they left zero mess in our back yard. They even cut an extra tree with no extra charge. They stump grinded the trees instead of poisoning so now we can plant new trees straight away which is great news!Definitely 5 stars!!
Dave NorthDave North
09:52 24 Jan 23
Jamie was very knowledgeable when he came to quote our tree removal job and gave us a very fair price.When he and his team came to complete the job, they did it in a very professional manner and cleaned up after themselves leaving our yard spotless.I would definitely recommend Tree Essence!

Explore the best care
offer for your yard!

Know your trees are healthy, and you and your family are safe in your garden.

Trees can be a beautiful addition to any outdoor space, and offer an abundance of benefits while enjoying them, as well having a positive effect on the collective health of the space around them. Taking care of your trees ensures a long-lasting, and healthy outdoor space for you and your family to enjoy.

Caring for your trees can take on many forms, from general pruning, to removal of hazardous trees, to soil injection to revitalise damaged trees.

We’re passionate about providing the right balance of treatment for your space, so you can benefit the most from the best of natures assets.

With over 10 years industry experience on the Gold Coast, and a Level 5 Certified Arborist, Tree essence has the right experience to guide you on the right care for your trees, and is fully equipped to handle anything from pruning to large clearance jobs.

Gold Coast

We ensure that your
trees will thrive for
years to come.

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We offer the best quality of services at affordable prices

Tree Essence is a premium choice for tree removal, tree looping, tree services and arborist services across the Gold Goast.
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We care about your
safety too!

Attempting to remove a tree yourself can be a risky endeavour. We at Tree Essence have the expertise to handle all tree removal and general care services with the right equipment to get the job done efficiently.

Take action now!

Whether it is an old tree or a diseased tree affected by a storm, Tree Essence knows whether a tree should been removed immediately or pruned to avoid accidents.

Don’t wait until a leaning tree becomes a bigger problem. The longer you put it off, the harder the tree can be to remove.

Hire the number #1 trusted Arborists in South Brisbane to properly maintain and care for your trees.

Leave all the hard work up to the highly experienced team at Tree essence.

With your peace of mind and confidence intact, leave all the hard work to the highly experienced team at Tree Essence. We come in, do our job and leave your place in a perfect condition. 

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When choosing a company to look after your trees, it’s important to consider a few key questions. Sure, there’s the obvious like are they insured, and are they qualified. But beyond that you want to know you can rely on the team to do a professional job, while having your best interests at heart. What equipment do they have to complete the job quickly and easily? What precautions are taken to protect your house and garden? Jamie from Tree Essence is a Level 5 Certified Arborist. The highest certification in Arboriculture. This guarantees a level of professionalism, knowledge, and skill, unmatched in tree care on the Gold Coast. 

There are several reasons for wanting a tree removed. Maybe the tree is dying, and so should be removed to prevent it falling over and potentially causing damage to your property or injuring someone. Or maybe to allow for some building work or views. If you think you might have a tree that needs removing, it’s best to get a qualified arborist out as soon as possible, so you have the best number of options open to you. A dying tree can get more dangerous the older it gets, and some trees could benefit from a management plan over removal, but if in doubt, just ask!

There are many benefits to having your trees pruned. Skilled arborists are able to remove hazardous deadwood from trees during pruning. Crossed branches that rub on each other can be removed, braced, or manipulated to no longer rub saving broken branches down the line. Uneven canopies can be corrected giving a better appearance, and tree growth can be controlled, or even improved with regular pruning. Book us in for an inspection today to see how your trees could benefit from pruning.

The short answer is… Sometimes! That’s why it’s important to get a certified arborist to manage the trees on your property. Different suburbs have different lists of protected trees, and knowing your Moreton Bay from your Benjamina might be the difference between a well managed removal with council permission, and a hefty fine through the post. Having said that, most common trees found in gardens on the coast can be managed without permits.

Yes! When done properly at least. Trees are big, heavy, complex structures that require special handling, especially when in close proximity to other structures like your house, shed, driveway, or other trees. Tree Essence has an assortment of tools and methods for safely deconstructing trees, even if they are closely overhanging delicate infrastructure. 

We do our best to ensure the cleanest tidy up we can possibly achieve on every job. We gently rig large and heavy timber down from trees to reduce ground impact, lay boards so that grass doesn’t get damaged, and bring in machinery when practical to move heavy logs, or to reduce the amount of branches dragged over surfaces. Having said that, you might find small patches of sawdust around the place, or some minor divots, but nothing that won’t clear it’s self up within a few days.

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Tree Essence Arborists and Tree Removals 19 Jay Gee Court Nerang, QLD 4211 1300 487 333
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