Acacia Tree Removal Gold Coast

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02 Aug 2019Acacia, also known as Wattle, is a native tree found not only on the Gold Coast but across all corners of this beautiful land we call home. Three  of the most common Acacia or Wattle trees on the Gold Coast include the Acacia Bancroftii, Acacia Holosericia and Acacia Buxifolia (known as a box-leaf wattle). […]

Tree Pruning Gold Coast – Lemon Trees

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17 Jul 2019Lemons make more than a great garnish for dishes like chicken and grilled fish. They are popular all over the Gold Coast and its surrounding areas. Because of their abundance and fertility, each tree produces up to 270 kg of lemons annually. Lemon trees are a common sight in many homes across the […]

Gum Tree Lopping and Pruning Gold Coast

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10 Jul 2019Trees, like all living things, change constantly and their growth can get out of control. Gum trees may age and get sick, thus proper measures have to be taken to take care of them.   This is where tree lopping and pruning come in. These processes are essential in taking care of your trees […]

Tree Removal Coomera: Crucial factors to keep in mind before cutting down a tree

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07 Jun 2019Who doesn’t like having a tree on their yard in Coomera? Not only does it makes your front yard aesthetically appealing, but also provides fresh air and shade. However, unexpected situations are always inevitable when it’s the tree that causes them to happen. Removing a tree requires in-depth knowledge and analysis. It’s harmful […]

What to do with a damaged tree in Oxenford?

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31 May 2019Over the past few years, our team at Tree Essence have witnessed the devastating effects on trees caused by storm damage. Though some storms are more destructive than others, tree damage is something we see all too often on the Gold Coast and a recent example from Oxenford has prompted us to help […]

Tree services and safety in Benowa

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24 May 2019When it comes to property maintenance, proper tree care is one of the most important things some of Gold Coast’s residents pay attention to, yet sometimes taken for granted. Since the Gold Coast is one of the most affected cities in Queensland during storm seasons, homeowners do a lot of their tree trimming, […]

What happens to a stressed tree in Burleigh Heads?

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17 May 2019Residents in Burleigh Heads have always had a love affair with trees. They’ve been standing in their lawns for years. The Burleigh Heads National Park is also home to some beautiful and rare varieties trees that can be located in the suburb. Lined along the many stunning streets of Burleigh Heads, a tree […]

Factors influencing Molendinar homeowners to avail of tree removal services

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10 May 2019The Gold Coast is a tree-abundant city and everyone who lives there adores them. Trees play a vital role as it helps streetscapes look more appealing to residents and visitors, especially in Molendinar. But since Gold Coast is one of the cities in South East Queensland that get affected during a storm surge, […]

3 common reasons for tree removal in Miami

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03 May 2019Some residents in Miami love trees and will keep them at all costs. Others love to clear out their entire garden, too. We all know that trees are beautiful and beneficial. They attract wildlife, create shade and provide for a soothing, relaxing sound in the breeze. But sometimes, circumstances change and we realise […]

4 reasons to invest in tree trimming services at Tallai

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19 Apr 2019If you have trees in Tallai, it is necessary to maintain their health. Giving them proper care will make them continue showering you with countless benefits. If you are still contemplating whether you should hire arborists in Tallai or not, read on. Here are four reasons to invest in tree trimming services at […]