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Precise tree removal at a luxury home based at Southport

14 Mar 2019
When it comes to attention to detail Tree Essence prove time and time again to their customers that they go to great lengths to protect their clients assets.

In the past month, Tree Essence had the pleasure of dealing with a job where precision and care were key factors. This was particularly the case with this luxury property on the Gold Coast. The tree lopping job in question was surrounded by manicured lawns, cautious clients and for good measure, a slate tile driveway.

For anyone that has had slate tiles, you know the trepidation that immediately is felt by trades people when dealing with the “chocolate flake” of finishes. It’s as though a hard stare can cause a chip or layer of stone to separate from their delicate form!

In this case the job was to remove a tree which was an African Tulip. They are a class 3 noxious weed on the Gold coast. It was positioned beside the delicate driveway.

Not to be deterred, Tree Essence quoted on the job knowing that they had to pay particular attention to the extra labour costs of having to cover the driveway, trim and drop the major limbs to the ground with care and negotiate machinery gently. To their surprise, they found that their quote was competitive as alternatives included the use of mobile cranes. They were extremely surprised to see mobile cranes considered as a mobile crane is a seriously heavily vehicle and a natural enemy of slate tile driveways.

Once again Tree Essence’s attention to detail plus forward planning came to the fore. A competitive winning quote, use of high expertise coupled with protection against possible damage from their works had the client very happy, trees trimmed and a winning price.

That’s the Tree Essence ethic demonstrated exactly.

Should you have a tree trimming and/or a tree lopping project that needs an expert Arborist throughout the Gold Coast, Tweed and Byron regions, then call Tree Essence on 1300 487 333.

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