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Foliar Spraying in Kingsholme

11 Jan 2019
Foliar feeding is a technique used by arboriculturists to give plants the nutrients needed to grow healthier in relatively less amount of time. The fertiliser is mixed with water and then sprayed on to the leaves. Plants absorb nutrients faster through the leaves which makes foliar feeding a very effective way of keeping plants healthy.

A little amount applied at the right time can go a long way, foliar feeding is a more deliberate nutrient delivery system that can even help restore some plants back to full health.

When spraying fertilisers on plants, arborists always wear proper safety equipment to make sure there’s no direct contact with the fertiliser that could be harmful to humans however beneficial it is to plants. They put on the correct gear like safety eyewear, long-sleeved shirts, long pants, mask, impervious apron, and covered footwear before proceeding into the foliar spraying process.

The fertiliser mix is then sprayed close to the target plant. If there are multiple target plants, the arborist creates a systematic path so that plants only get the right amount of fertilisers.

Tree Essence uses its own organic fertilisers that boost plants to grow into their healthiest and brightest form. Years of experience in arboriculture has perfected the methods of Tree Essence and has helped the team come up with better solutions in helping homeowners grow the best plants.

The team from Tree Essence has helped many households in Kingsholme and they can help you give your plants a nutrient boost as well. For everything about trees and plants, call Tree Essence. Apart from giving plants a nutrient boost, Tree Essence also offers other services such as tree pruning, tree removal, and tree lopping among many others.

You can reach Tree Essence through their number at 1300 487 333 or visit their office at Jay Gee Court in Nerang. Tree Essence services suburbs like Kingsholme and others in the Gold Coast. Call your community arborists, call Tree Essence now.

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