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3 benefits of tree pruning in Ashmore

08 Mar 2019
Tree pruning refers to an arboricultural practice that involves removing certain tree parts such as branches and a dense web of roots. It is not just about aesthetics but it is the most common tree maintenance you can execute. In Ashmore, trees you can usually find there are trees with overgrown branches touching the roofs’ edge of every home. This may be good-looking and seem beneficial to some but according to your neighbours, it’s literally not. Here are three pruning benefits that will encourage you to prune your trees in Ashmore.

Eliminating potential hazards
When you prune your tree, you also include the overgrown branches. These branches (when ignored) may cause inconvenience and danger to people passing by on the street. Trimming them will help a lot as it will lessen the probability of tree accidents associated with these branches.

Avoid pest infestation
Yes, fecund branches are attractive, but to termites. Dead limbs are susceptible to infestation and pests take advantage as these branches touching your roof give them access from the ground to your home.

For a healthier tree
Pruning doesn’t just beautify a tree, it also keeps the tree grow healthier and produce more fruit. It has the ability to make roots stronger and help stimulate growth by means of overall sunlight exposure and air circulation.

It isn’t easy to spend a vast amount of money just because of untrimmed trees bringing inconvenience and danger to your home, neighbours and passersby. Prune your trees in Ashmore now with Tree Essence. They also service suburbs on the Gold Coast with tree removal, tree pruning, and other tree-related services. Call them on 1300 487 333, or visit them at 19 Jay Gee Court, Nerang.

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