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Removal of damaged Palm Trees, Byron Bay

As you can see from this picture all the tops of the Alexander Palms have completely flopped over. This was the result of them being struck by lightning, causing the tops to catch on fire. The entire trunk of the tree is like a vascular system, with water being a conductor of electricity, hence the […]

How to get your garden ready for the Summer heat

The inevitable Summer heat will impact on the health of your trees, shrubs and flowers. Here are some tips on how you can have a healthy and stunning Summer Garden. Getting your soil ready – The soil temperature can get very hot in Summer and this is an undesirable climate for Microorganisms. These Microorganisms aid […]

Foxtail Palms Mermaid Waters, Removal and Treatment

The Foxtail palm (Wodyetia bifurcata) an Australian native, is adaptable and fast-growing. It is a very attractive palm with long 2-3 metre plumose leaves, hence the name ‘Foxtail’. They grow to 10m tall and produce large orange fruit. We received a call from a couple who had just purchased a duplex at Mermaid Beach on […]

Palm Cleaning Elanora Gold Coast

This large Phoenix Palm located at the Isle of Palms Resort on the Gold Coast was in serious need of some tlc. The Resort contacted Tree Essence Arborists, concerned about the state of the Palm. Whilst the pool was undergoing a complete renovation, some the large root system had been exposed by the machinery. We […]

Tree Pruning Reedy Creek

One of the gratifying aspects for our whole team at Tree Essence on the Gold Coast is the fact that we can help to give back to the ecosystem where trees are concerned. Trees play a vital role in preserving our ecosystem by providing habitat and food for birds and animals.  They also stabilise the soil, […]

Silky Oak Remedial Pruning Pottsville

23 Sep 2020This stunning 25 metre high Silky Oak Tree is located in Pottsville, NSW.  The Silky Oak has dark grey bark, dark green lobed foliage and stunning golden-orange flowers. Its timber is commonly used for making furniture. The property owners rang Tree Essence Arborists to do an inspection of the tree as they were considering […]

How do I get Gold Coast City Council approval to remove a tree?

01 Sep 2020There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when removing a tree. Under the Gold Coast legislation, you can’t just go and cut down a tree. All trees are protected over a certain size. For private land, lots 4,000m2 and under – any tree within 1.5 metres on the boundary fence […]

How to care for your Poinciana Tree, Gold Coast

22 Jul 2020The Poinciana is a flowering tree and an easy yard favourite in Australia. Its flowers, large and luscious, come in bright red-orange and grow up to eight centimetres long. Its leaves look feathery and come in bright green, growing some 30-50 centimetres long. The Poinciana carries seed pods because it’s a legume. The […]

Mulching Gold Coast

Mulch Supplies Gold Coast

15 Jul 2020The root system of a tree is the most important part of the tree, as it is absorbing nutrients and minerals from the soil through the process of Osmosis. Osmosis is how plants are able to absorb water from the soil. Mulching works best if you can obtain a mixture of tree varieties […]

Tree Pruning Labrador, Gold Coast

25 Jun 2020As stunning as the Moreton Bay Fig trees are, they have a large and vigorous root system, so it is not a good idea to plant them in a normal suburban environment. They will take nutrients from the grass as they spread widely across the ground. There is also the possibility of damage […]

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