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Tree Pruning Labrador, Gold Coast

25 Jun 2020
As stunning as the Moreton Bay Fig trees are, they have a large and vigorous root system, so it is not a good idea to plant them in a normal suburban environment. They will take nutrients from the grass as they spread widely across the ground. There is also the possibility of damage to pavements, house foundations plus copious amounts of debris falling into gutters.

The Body Corporate of a large block of units called Tree Essence with an issue they were having with a large Moreton Bay Fig Tree. It was encroaching on the block of units from the adjacent property. The tree was so large that it was shading a significant amount of the yard and the grass was unable to survive due to the lack of direct sunlight. It was also hanging over the gutters causing blockages and pipe damage.

We began the task by pruning the deadwood, removing all the deceased branches which reduced the weight of the Fig Tree. Canopy reduction was essential as this then enabled natural light onto the grass areas, garden and the clothesline, which the tenants were extremely grateful for.

The team at Tree essence are highly experienced and are diligent with all health and safety aspects of any works that are carried out on residential properties. We follow the Australian Standards AS4373-2007 which is the pruning of amenity trees. We pride ourselves on providing peace of mind when we arrive at any site. You can trust us with your family home, property investment and surroundings. You might even consider calling us “Crusaders of the Urban Environment”.

Tree Essence specialises in all types of tree removal Gold Coast including land clearing, tree trimming, tree pruning and other arborist services. We also service the Tweed and Byron areas. Please give us a call here at Tree Essence on 1300 487 333. We look forward to talking to you. All our work will be undertaken at a safe distance.

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