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Tree Pruning Reedy Creek

One of the gratifying aspects for our whole team at Tree Essence on the Gold Coast is the fact that we can help to give back to the ecosystem where trees are concerned.

Trees play a vital role in preserving our ecosystem by providing habitat and food for birds and animals.  They also stabilise the soil, act as sound barriers, plus provide us with materials for food and shelter.  They absorb carbon dioxide and potentially harmful gasses such as sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide from the air and release oxygen.

What you are looking at in this picture is a naturally occurring hollow which was a section of a dead tree, that had to be removed. We take these sections to our premises in the hope that they can be utilised somewhere else. These hollows accommodate birdlife such as the rainbow lorikeets, possums, microbats and other animals. In the case of Eucalyptus Trees, it takes between 80-100 years for a naturally forming hollow to occur.

We here at Tree Essence undertake on-going education with Ecologists so that we are compliant, plus have an on-going working knowledge of all aspects of nature conservation. We placed this hollow in a position on the tree so that it was protected from the weather elements, such as prevailing winds and not too much sunlight.

Our client on this occasion was a school at Hillcrest on the Gold Coast. We worked with their Groundsman to do a visualised safety assessment of all the trees on the school grounds. There was a tree that had been hit by lightning, plus a number of other trees that required tree pruning. Upon inspection, we all saw the opportunity to attach one of the hollows to the school’s trees, allowing for the students to fully appreciate the importance of Fauna and Flora in their environment.

For any tree requirements such as tree preservation, tree removal or tree pruning, Tree Essence is the business to trust. We also service the Tweed and Byron areas. Please give us a call here at Tree Essence Arborists Gold Coast on 1300 487 333. We look forward to talking to you. All our work will be undertaken at a safe distance.

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