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Removal Of An Unhealthy Iron Bark Tree at Southport

19 Feb 2020
We received a call from a prospective client with concerns over a very unhealthy and failing large Iron Bark Tree (Eucalyptus) located in Southport. This residential property was located in one of the older heritage areas of Southport.

Tree Essence Gold Coast organised a time to undertake an inspection of the tree, however, before we arrived at the property the tree had fallen as the roots had completely disappeared The previous owners had covered them with copious amounts of soil. Hence, there was no oxygen getting to the root system and they were completely trapped. In order for any tree to grow successfully and become stable, they need oxygen, water and nutrients. This Iron Bark Tree had been suffering and was breaking apart so had fallen across the fence into the neighbouring property, knocking down half a Palm Tree in its path. The only alternative was to remove the tree.

We put together a quote for the client outlining the most effective way of removing the tree, bearing in mind that access to the tree was extremely limited. Our quote was accepted and the obliging neighbour of our new client agreed for us to access the tree from his property. We had to bring in an excavator, ropes, pullies and a friction device to manage the safe dismantling of the tree.

The experienced team from Tree Essence Arborists began the task by taking all the foliage off the tree to remove some of the weight. We then strategically took the canopy off to the pitch points and suspended the log section so it didn’t crush the pillar of the external fence. We were able to use other trees around to leverage the ropes and then we rolled down the large pieces of the trunk. We chipped on-site and with the logwood, we disposed of it to a business that turned it into firewood.

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