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Leopard Tree Maintenance in Mudgeeraba

21 Nov 2018
The Libidibia ferrea, or known to the common tongue as the Leopard Tree, can grow to large sizes and it can be considered as a semi-deciduous kind of tree. The Leopard Tree is a suburban staple in many suburbs on the Gold Coast like Mudgeeraba.

Each Leopard Tree shows off its ornamental flowers in the spring, and its beautiful shed of autumn leaves. Tough during drought and cold weather conditions, the Leopard Tree is an easy favorite in many landscapes, yards, lawns, and even commercial spaces in Mudgeeraba, in other suburbs on the Gold Coast, and beyond.

The wood sourced from the Leopard tree is often used in creating wooden flooring, furniture and is also a favourite go-to wood of choice in gun stocks and grips.

Although its roots may spread underneath the concrete and could mess up some pipelines, and its seed pods may fall on the ground and turn into trip hazards for people walking by. A little bit of tree maintenance from experts like the team from Tree Essence could take these problems off of your hands.

The Leopard Tree grows relatively fast if grown in the best conditions�a fertile seed in well-drained soil under lots of sun. As was mentioned above, it is wise to plant Leopard Trees where its roots cannot reach underground piping systems. Although it can grow up to 20 metres, the standard suburban size should remain from 10 to 12 metres, so having a go-to pruning team can certainly come in handy.

Arboriculturists from Tree Essence can do more than prune trees. There is also a way for Leopard trees to be clipped in the middle of the growth period without damaging the tree, experts from Tree Essence can definitely help.

For trees growing in the suburban landscape like the Leopard Tree, it is important to keep a maintenance schedule for trees to maintain beautiful, strong, and free from hazards. For tree pruning, and other arboriculturist services in suburbs like Mudgeeraba and beyond, call Tree Essence.

You can reach Tree Essence at 1300 487 333 or visit their office on Jay Gee Court, Nerang.

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