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Gum Tree Lopping and Pruning Gold Coast

10 Jul 2019
Trees, like all living things, change constantly and their growth can get out of control. Gum trees may age and get sick, thus proper measures have to be taken to take care of them.  

This is where tree lopping and pruning come in. These processes are essential in taking care of your trees for various reasons, including aesthetic purposes. Before we go any further, let’s talk about their differences.

Tree Pruning VS. Tree Lopping

Pruning a tree is like exfoliating it and is only done on skin-deep levels. This is performed by removing small branches in order for more leaves and branches to grow in their place. Tree pruning helps eliminate broken or dead branches through a thorough examination. This process can only be done by capable tree arborists on the Gold Coast. Simply put, pruning a tree boils down to small acts of removing small parts of a tree with the intention of tidying it up and deciding its growth.

Lopping, on the other hand, is like performing tree surgery. Tree lopping is akin to a much larger scale of tree removal. Its intention is to remove larger chunks of trees from growing too close to a building or structure. Just like major surgery, lopping will significantly change the shape or size of a tree.  

Unlike pruning, lopping is a dangerous job and is only a short term solution to a long term problem. Lopping a tree means you have to do the same process every few years in order to prevent any unstable growth. This considerably adds more dent to your budget. Moreover, lopping the tree significantly puts a huge amount of stress to it as it can no longer produce large foliage that is needed to create food and energy. In effect, the trees will grow unstable and die ultimately due to insufficient stored energy. Lastly, tree pruning causes large wounds which makes it vulnerable to decay and bacteria which blocks out its natural defences.

If your intention is to keep your tree in its optimal health and appearance, pruning your gum tree is a more practical solution than lopping it. Pruning helps remove dead and decaying aspects and can prevent the spread of disease. Your gum trees will also reap the benefits of increased sunlight and air circulation when pruned correctly, boosting the healthy growth of leaves and branches. Most importantly, tasteful tree pruning minimises hazards and accidents during stormy weather.

Do not lop your trees. Instead, trust Gold Coast’s best when it comes to the pruning to keep it healthy and to help keep your family safe. Not only will it save you the hassle of pruning it, but also a lot of money!

When it comes to tree lopping and tree pruning, Tree Essence knows best. For your tree removal and tree maintenance needs on the Gold Coast, give us a call now through our phone number, 1300 487 333.

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