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Confined Palm Tree Removal – Magic Mountain

09 Oct 2019
The owners of a large residential and holiday complex at Magic Mountain on the Gold Coast, called upon Tree Essence as they were having problems with their mature Cuban Royal Palms. These palms can reach a height of 30 meters. The leaf fronds are long and drooping extending 4 meters in length and having around 15 of these leaves coming from the crownshaft. As attractive as these palms are, they should not be planted close to anything due to the weight of the fronds when they fall. They are also a self-cleaning palm which means they shed the fronds and/or trunk cover as they grow.

This complex has 38 of these Cuban Royal Palms standing at 20 meters in height. These are all in a restricted area causing property damage and more importantly becoming a real safety issue. As arborists, our team at Tree Essence are reluctant to remove any trees from the environment unless proven to be a hindrance to people and property. On this occasion, this was the case and the palms had to be removed down to the ground. Their fronds were falling in the swimming pool, the water fountain and the pathways, which is a real concern for the people living in the apartments. Particularly those that have young children playing in these areas.

We have commenced the works and will continue the process over the coming weeks. Due to the location of these palms, we are very conscious of safety issues. The owners trusted our highly experienced and qualified team of arborists with this project, due to our “track record” of competence and diligence under any circumstance.

The palms are mulched onsite and the mulch is then donated to the local schools. The owners are replanting with Foxtail Palms which are more conducive to the environment. So a happy ending all round.

If you have any palm issues or require palm removals, then call Tree Essence Gold Coast on 1300 487 333. We will be pleased to take your call.

The foxtail palm tree is a great native substitute for the Cuban Royal.

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