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Caring for your Eucalyptus Trees – Nerang

16 Nov 2018
The Eucalyptus tree is most known for being one of Australia’s most common trees, and with the cute Koalas that come to munch on its leaves. While there are a lot of species of Eucalyptus trees, the Gum Tree and the Silver-Dollar Tree are two of the most commonly seen in most of the homes in Australia, like in the suburb of Nerang.

An environment with great sun exposure is really helpful for the Eucalyptus to thrive beautifully. Expert arboriculturists like the team from Tree Essence know the best time and place to plant the Eucalyptus and give it the best conditions.

Taking care of the Eucalyptus tree is not that challenging since the tree pretty much maintains itself. After it grows, it does not need so much watering. And as for fertilisers, the most that the Eucalyptus needs is the slow-release kind that is low in phosphorus since it the Eucalyptus doesn’t go well with phosphorus.

Eucalyptus trees, however, require pruning during the summer to control branch growth and overall height, as they tend to produce a heavy litter in the fall. Barks, leaves, and branches tend to shed during the fall, and its bark is flammable so getting this taken care of is important. The blessing during its shedding is the seeds that fall with it. The seed can be planted and you can grow another one of these adorable trees on your yard.

Call Tree Essence now for expert arboriculturist services that can take care of your trees, and keep it safe from causing potential damage to your home and family. Tree Essence services various suburbs on the Gold Coast including Nerang. You can call Tree Essence at 1300 487 333 to schedule a free no-obligation consultation. You can also check out their website at www.treeessence.com.au or visit their office at Jay Gee Court, Nerang.

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