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3 common reasons for tree removal in Miami

03 May 2019
Some residents in Miami love trees and will keep them at all costs. Others love to clear out their entire garden, too. We all know that trees are beautiful and beneficial. They attract wildlife, create shade and provide for a soothing, relaxing sound in the breeze. But sometimes, circumstances change and we realise that an old tree can be more harmful to keep around. Here are three top reasons why residents in Miami opt for safe, tree removal with Tree Essence.

Trees are sometimes dangerous
A reason why residents in Miami choose to remove trees in their yard relates to dangers and hazards encroaching trees have – especially if it’s a decaying tree. For instance, trees fall down because of strong winds brought by a storm. Trees may be observed to tumble down and in many unfortunate circumstances, may hit houses and power lines.

Invasive roots
Some trees need spacious areas for their roots. Root encroachment has been a big problem on the Gold Coast, particularly in urban areas. These roots will grow under structures and properties will become smaller. If you are experiencing problems with invasive roots, the most effective solution is to remove a tree.

Outgrown current location
Some trees need more space to grow than others. In an urban setting, large trees need to be removed. Trees growing near power lines and structures are not ideal for they can cause safety issues as well as property damage.

It is not safe to remove trees on your own. It is also recommended to seek help from the qualified arborists of Tree Essence. Jamie’s team posses vast knowledge and experience of many different tree species, catering to them in a multitude of situations. Tree Essence can help you avoid any risky mishaps caused by trees.For tree removal in Miami, call Tree Essence via phone on 1300 487 333. They also offer tree trimming, pruning and lopping to suburbs across the Gold Coast.

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