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What to do with a damaged tree in Oxenford?

31 May 2019
Over the past few years, our team at Tree Essence have witnessed the devastating effects on trees caused by storm damage. Though some storms are more destructive than others, tree damage is something we see all too often on the Gold Coast and a recent example from Oxenford has prompted us to help advise you on what to do with a storm-damaged tree. It is also worth noting that tree damage isn’t isolated to storm damage, but also can be attributed to stem failure, root failure and overgrowing branches. Even a little damage, when disregarded, can bring harm to bystanders and adjacent structures. When a tree is damaged, the first thing that comes to our mind is safety. After careful considerations and risk analysis, it becomes a question of tree removal or tree restoration. Here are some things to consider regarding damaged trees and tree removal in Oxenford:

Take safety precautions
Some trees might have fallen near your property after a storm. Don’t touch them or get near to them. They might have downed power lines that made them electrically charged and will consequently harm you. Instead of clearing the way by yourself, seek and ask for professional help to do the work.

Remove broken branches that are still attached to the tree
Broken branches that are still attached to the trunk should be detached as soon as possible. Removing them helps prevent insects & decay-related organisms from invading the tree. This step will also prevent safety hazards such as accidents causing injuries.  

Tree removal
After a storm, tree damage is often severe. Since restoring it can’t assure that your tree will come back to its previous health form, tree removal is the most likely option and involves careful planning and execution. Where storm-damaged trees are prevalent, tree removal is one great way to ensure the safety of your home in Oxenford

For tree removal in Oxenford, call us at Tree Essence today on 1300 487 333. We also offer a 24-hour emergency storm service.

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