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What happens to a stressed tree in Burleigh Heads?

17 May 2019
Residents in Burleigh Heads have always had a love affair with trees. They’ve been standing in their lawns for years. The Burleigh Heads National Park is also home to some beautiful and rare varieties trees that can be located in the suburb. Lined along the many stunning streets of Burleigh Heads, a tree can be seen almost anywhere. Unfortunately, as beautiful as they are, if not maintained properly, trees can get stressed. Even worse, stressed trees may cause costly damage to your property.

Just like us, trees can become stressed for so many reasons. In some cases, trees get stressed when they can’t generate enough food for themselves, especially when many of them inadvisably undergo tree lopping. Tree lopping includes the removal of tree leaves and branches on top of the tree. Without such features, trees can’t produce food and will starve resulting in poor growth and development.

Tree stress is sometimes caused by environmental factors such as a sudden changes in temperature and animal or human-caused activities. They also get stressed when hit by storms.

When a stressed tree is ignored and not maintained properly, they become more prone to termite attack which leads to further tree damage. Falling limbs can also cause serious injuries and property damage. Don’t let these trees ruin what you’ve invested in Burleigh Heads. Seek professional help from the Gold Coast’s leading arborist and tree surgeon, Tree Essence.

In recent events, we’ve noted that a common problem homeowners in Burleigh Heads face is trees collapses by the side of their home. Don’t let stressed trees cause such a life-threatening hazard. At Tree Essence, we know the significance of keeping your trees in Burleigh Heads healthy and stress-free. As dedicated arborists from the Gold Coast, we pride ourselves on delivering quality tree removal and other tree-related services in Burleigh Heads. Give us a call now via phone at 1300 487 333.

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