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Tree services and safety in Benowa

24 May 2019
When it comes to property maintenance, proper tree care is one of the most important things some of Gold Coast’s residents pay attention to, yet sometimes taken for granted. Since the Gold Coast is one of the most affected cities in Queensland during storm seasons, homeowners do a lot of their tree trimming, lopping and other tree work by themselves. Not knowing that they may be causing more harm than good, later it is revealed that trees die or further hazards occur such as fallen branches or notice excessive tree debris. You may not see the importance of tree services for now, but there are benefits you can get if you hire a qualified and trained arborist. Here are three reasons why professional tree services from arborists can help ensure safety and improved wellbeing for your property in Benowa.

Your home’s foundation is protected
This one benefit is for old trees growing in your yard. Trees that have reached a full level of maturity look majestic and amazing, as their roots keep on growing larger over time. But did you know that invasive roots can be a threat and mean big trouble for the foundational structure to your home? Roots grow underneath your home and may damage its foundation and plumbing. When this happens, the more you will have to pay for costly repairs.

Clears the way for you
When it comes to aesthetics on our front yards, trees are great contributors. Trees with overgrown branches, however, have always been an issue for safety. Also, trees that aren’t trimmed regularly hinder the growth of some plants in your garden. Large tree branches further pose a high risk of danger when not pruned. It is better to call a qualified arborist to help avoid situations like these.

Prevents damage
Your tree may have survived the last storm but it doesn’t mean there’s no need for maintenance. Due to environmental factors, trees weaken over time and can cause more danger to your home and loved ones in Benowa. With proper tree care from qualified arborists, you can prevent catastrophe just waiting to happen.

When it comes to proper tree care and maintenance in Benowa, Tree Essence is the team to call. We help homeowners from across all Gold Coast suburbs including Benowa, to help prepare their trees before storms seasons hit. For tree removal and other tree services in Benowa and beyond, call us now at 1300 487 333.

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