Tree Removal in Coombabah

05 Apr 2019
Coombabah is a suburb located centrally along the Gold Coast. Hosting a vast variety of houses and unit blocks, trees of all shapes and sizes are popular ornaments that line the streetscapes of Coombabah. When it comes to tree removal in this suburb, Tree Essence have got you covered.

A tall eucalyptus tree stood at the backyard of this family home in Coombabah. The tree grew beautifully and became a notable fixture on the street.  However, as time went by this eucalyptus tree’s growth grew a little too out of hand. The eucalyptus tree was enveloped in lush green eucalyptus leaves that unfortunately became a nuisance to the owner’s property and neighbouring residences. Leaves were getting caught in gutters and were observed to clog water drainage systems. The tree itself was also beginning to impede access to the rear of the home, restricting space and enjoyment of the backyard.

The safe and efficient removal of the eucalyptus tree was no easy feat. Jamie and his fellow arborists needed to be very delicate to navigate it carefully from the backyard to the front. They also had to be very careful as newly installed pavers on the driveway were prone to breakage and damage. With good planning and with the help of special machinery and cabling, Tree Essence was able to successfully remove the tree off their property, without once needing to encroach on the new pavers installed on their driveway.

No matter how impossible the job may seem, Tree Essence always find ways to cater to your tree removal needs in Coombabah and surrounding suburbs. For tree removal services in Coombabah and other Gold Coast suburbs, contact Jamie via phone on 1300 487 333. You can also visit them in their office at 19 Jay Gee Court, Nerang. They also offer tree pruning and tree lopping.

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