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Tree Removal Coomera: Crucial factors to keep in mind before cutting down a tree

07 Jun 2019
Who doesn’t like having a tree on their yard in Coomera? Not only does it makes your front yard aesthetically appealing, but also provides fresh air and shade. However, unexpected situations are always inevitable when it’s the tree that causes them to happen. Removing a tree requires in-depth knowledge and analysis. It’s harmful when you contact a rogue-on-the-tools “Tree lopper” to help with the situation who’s not appropriately qualified or licensed. That’s why hiring a professional tree surgeon is essential. Here are the crucial things you must take into consideration before removing your tree in Coomera:

Area regulations
One of the most important factors to consider when removing your tree is to checks your area’s regulation, particularly in Coomera. Since Coomera is part of the Gold Coast, some trees in the city require council approval for any significant alteration. On most private properties, you can remove trees that are within 3 and less than 4 metres of your home, species trees and with a height of 1.5 metres of your fence. If your tree is on common property, then you will need approval from the city council.

Tree size
Do not cut down a large tree by yourself or give it to a person without experience of being a tree surgeon. Cutting down large trees requires certain techniques that will eliminate the risk of danger caused by a tree’s dismantling. We recommend you to hire a credible arborist from the Gold Coast. Qualified arborists only use the right equipment to have your large trees safely removed.

Please take the time to consider the location if you plan to remove your tree, especially if it’s near your neighbours’ home. If your tree is within your neighbour’s property, it’s necessary to seek permission before removing such a tree. When trees are situated near someone’s property, our team at Tree Essence plan on where the safest area is for your tree to land without causing damage to your neighbours’ home.

When looking for qualified arborists in Coomera QLD, it’s Tree Essence that knows best. Asides from tree removal, we also offer tree pruning and trimming anywhere on the Gold Coast. For enquiries, you may call us on 1300 487 333.

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