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Tree Pruning – The Do’s and the Don’ts

Have you ever found yourself wondering how and when to prune tree branches correctly? Or perhaps you think there is no perfect timing and method to prune those pesky branches? After all, it’s “just a tree”?

If done the right way, pruning increases flowers and fruit production. On the flip side, poor pruning can cause damage lasting the tree’s entire lifetime. So let’s take a look at some tips helping you navigate the art of pruning.

It’s all about the timing

One common mistake gardeners make is pruning at the wrong time. Timing is crucial as it affects how well a plant can heal. The best time to prune most trees is in winter or early spring when dormant buds start to open. The tree structure is more visible if leaves are absent. Once you can see the overall shape, you can look for damaged or hazardous limbs.

What tools do I need? 

Use proper tools like a pair of loppers, a saw, and a pruner. We recommend wearing thick gloves and safety goggles to protect you from thorns etc. Avoid tackling jobs out of your comfort zone, such as high up branches or branches close to power lines. Best to leave this to the experts.

Tree pruning the correct way and pitfalls to avoid

Poor Pruning can last a lifetime, so we need to ensure we do it right! Make sharp, clean cuts and stay far enough above the bud so that it won’t die back. Remove any dead branches rubbing together or trim them back to avoid rubbing.

Proper pruning improves a tree’s health and reduces the chance of personal or property damage caused by falling branches. It may feel like a hassle, but ensuring you take the right steps in tree pruning will prevent future problems and protect the long term health of the tree.

Do you have a tree in your garden that is growing too tall? As convenient as it may sound, avoid topping your tree. This action can compromise the structural integrity and create an unattractive broom-like growth. Furthermore, the pruning wounds can take longer to heal, opening your tree up to pests and disease.

So, if you love gardening and want to see healthy, stable growth in your plants and trees, help your garden thrive with proper pruning. For any advice, reach out to the team at TreeEssence. We’d be more than happy to assist.

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