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Tree Pruning of a Dangerous Spotted Gum Tree, Labrador

04 Feb 2020
One of our regular clients called Tree Essence Arborist Gold Coast with concern, in regards to a large Spotted Gum Tree which was located on their boundary fenceline. Spotted Gum (Corymbia Maculata)  is a tall tree with a straight trunk, growing around 35-45 meters in height. Exceptionally big trees can reach 70 meters in height. However, there is an old reference to a 91metre tall tree. Spotted Gum has smooth powdery bark which is white, grey or pink, often with characteristic patches (“spots”).

This Spotted Gum Tree was housing a little nasty. This nasty was a fruiting body of a Pathogenic Fungi, which was degrading the heartwood of the Spotted Gum. On closer inspection, the tree was in significant decline and was a ticking time bomb waiting to fall. Current adverse weather conditions were a concern as the structural integrity was compromised with a Pathogenic present. More importantly, the tree as leaning towards the neighbouring house, so we had to take immediate action to ensure the safety of people, animals and property. The highly experienced team at Tree Essence decided on tree pruning as the optimal solution. This tree was an ideal candidate to provide natural hollows to native fauna and flora.

We removed large amounts of branches and weight off this tree and made it safe, plus we installed numerous artificial hollows. Our clients were very glad that we could make a positive out of this hazardous situation and created some homes for the local furry friends. Passion for tree care it what we strive for, so you can trust us with your tree pruning or any other arboricultural needs in your garden.

The team here at Tree Essence Arborist Gold Coast will provide you with expert tree advice so that you can make an informed decision. Call us on 1300 487 333. We also cover the Tweed and Bryone Areas.

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