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Tree Pruning Gold Coast – Lemon Trees

17 Jul 2019
Lemons make more than a great garnish for dishes like chicken and grilled fish. They are popular all over the Gold Coast and its surrounding areas. Because of their abundance and fertility, each tree produces up to 270 kg of lemons annually. Lemon trees are a common sight in many homes across the city suburbs.

Although it’s easy to grow a lemon tree, there are a lot of factors to consider before you do so. For instance, the type of soil used during planting plays a major effect on the growth of the tree. Lemon trees, particularly on the Gold Coast, thrive in areas with a proper drainage system and grow best in sandy loam soils. Trees planted in heavy soil types usually suffer a decline in growth and show signs of being unhealthy. Lemon trees also need moisture and adequate sunlight for its optimal growth and fruit production. As a general reminder, lemon trees cannot grow if it’s overwatered. Too much water may cause its crown to suffer and its roots to rot easily.

The optimum pH levels for lemon trees fall between 5.5 and 6.5. If it exceeds the preferred range, this could cause nutrition deficiency which will affect its growth. Excessive pH levels could also cause chlorosis, a condition caused by Chlorophyll deficiency that could turn its leaves to yellow and its veins to develop a dark green colour.

Ephemeral fruiting trees like the lemon tree require regular pruning to enhance branch sets and lessen the possibility of breaking due to its heavy fruit. Pruning the trees will help them absorb light and produce high-quality fruits.

It’s also necessary to know when it is best to prune your lemon trees on the Gold Coast. Pruning a lemon tree must occur on its last fruit cycle, ideally after the autumn harvest to allow more recovery period before its harvest next season. Aside from that, pruning the tree requires skill and delicate hands because while the wood of the lemon tree is very strong, the bark is thin and could get damaged easily. A professional arborist can professionally prune a lemon tree by making any pruning cuts with a blade in the direction of the tree, to help keep from scoring it.

Why worry about pruning lemon trees on the Gold Coast when you can call on the best in pruning and arborist services. Save yourself from unnecessary hassle and the risk of not doing it right. Contact us at Tree Essence today on 1300 487 333.

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