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Top 8 Environmental Benefits of Tree Planting

Trees provide our backyards with shade and aesthetics. They also benefit the people living around them by having a calming effect and are even known to help reduce stress levels. 

Aside from the positive impact on our well-being, trees also provide various environmental benefits, which we like to share with you here.


1. Remove carbon from the air

There is a lot of talk about excess CO2 in our atmosphere. Trees can help absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and reduce the greenhouse gas effect while providing us with clean air to breathe.

2. Provide natural air conditioning

Did you know that strategically planting trees around your home can help cool down your home, all without the need to turn on your air-conditioner? This can reduce your energy bill significantly over time.

3. Reduce noise pollution

No one likes to hear traffic noise in their own homes or backyards. Densely planted trees can reduce and buffer the impact of traffic noise you experience on your property. 

4. Clean the air

Have you ever gone for a walk through a forest and noticed the freshness in the air? Trees can absorb pollutant gasses and odours from the environment, providing clean, fresh air to fill your lungs.

5. Reduce erosion

Heavy rainfall and wind can severely affect the soil in our neighbourhoods and even cause landslides. The roots of a tree hold the soil together, while the leaves break the droplets and weaken the strength of raindrops hitting the ground. 

6. Help cool our streets

If you’ve been for a walk through your local area, you’ve likely felt the temperature difference when moving from an exposed heat-absorbing concrete footpath to a path shaded by beautiful trees. Trees break up the heat-exposed areas in our neighbourhood. 

7. Provide shelter for wildlife

Trees provide essential shelter and food for various birds, bees and other small animals. If you love waking up to birds chirping, you’ll appreciate a backyard full of trees. 

8. Reduce water pollution

Trees play an essential role in ensuring the water coming out of our taps is healthy and clean. They help facilitate infiltration into the soil where the water is filtered, removing harmful particles and pollutants in the process.


preserve your trees


Trees deliver significant benefits to our everyday lives and should be treated with care ensuring longevity for many years to come. If you have trees that need pruning or trimming, make an appointment with our friendly team at Treeessence.


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