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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Palm Trees Regularly

Evergreen palm trees are a beautiful addition to many gardens here in South-East Queensland. Indeed, no tropical look is complete without palms. Palm trees are one of nature’s most affordable ways to add coastal landscape beauty to your garden.

Although palm trees are reasonably low in maintenance, there will be a time when they do need your attention. Discover the top 5 reasons why your trees may need some TLC:

1. Prevent unwanted fires

dry palm tee

Dry palm leaves can be a fire hazard. Regular pruning takes care of this problem and avoids accidental fires that could put you and those around you at risk.

2. Avoid damage to the property

As palm fronds turn brown and start to point downwards, they can become a hazard and cause damage to your and/or your neighbour’s property. Palm Fronds can get very big and heavy, so to minimise the risk of damage or even injury by falling palm fronds, you should attend to them regularly.

3.Make trees more presentable 

healthy and beautiful palm trees

Are you getting ready to sell your property? Palm trees that are poorly maintained can significantly reduce the appeal and value of your property. If you run a business from home, well looked after palm trees can leave a good first impression.

4. Keep palm trees healthy

Ideally, palm trees should be pruned once a year to remove dead or diseased fronds. It is important to trim away dead fronds, which can harbor pests. Make sure you identify your palm tree’s species and prune it accordingly.

5. Prevent germination

germination palm trees

Certain types of palm trees produce clusters of seeds that fall to the ground and germinate. The fruit produced by these trees make a mess and can create a bad odour. Cleaning these frequently takes care of this problem.

If you need assistance in pruning your palm trees, get in contact with the team at Tree Essence. Our friendly team can clean your palms of dead and unwanted fronds and seed pods using the latest techniques to ensure a safe and efficient removal.


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