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The Most Popular Deciduous Trees in Australia

The fact is that in Australia, we don’t have many deciduous trees. Most of our trees are evergreens. So why is that, and what are the most popular deciduous trees in the land down under? 


Why don’t we have many deciduous trees Down Under?

While there are clear environmental messages in other parts of the world, such as the length of days, temperature or moisture prompting the tree to lose its leaves, the same doesn’t apply to the majority of trees in Australia. 

The climate in Australia is variable and, as such, provides much better conditions for evergreen trees. The sudden storm onset allows an evergreen tree to take advantage of the moisture, while a deciduous tree without leaves would miss out on the opportunity. 

In Australia, we also have good growing conditions throughout the year, allowing evergreen trees to jump into action as soon as the conditions are right.  


autumn leaves


So what are some of the popular deciduous trees we do have?

Let’s take a look at some native deciduous trees popular in Australia. 


  • White Cedars (melia azedarach)

The White cedar tree grows naturally across Queensland and Northern New South Wales. Their leaves are light-green and have serrations along both sides. Their small flowers are white with purple stripes emitting a citrus-like scent, and their fruits are bright orange. They are fast-growing resilient with an extensive root system and dense foliage. 

The white cedar loses its leaves in autumn or winter, making them popular in landscape design – they provide shade in summer and allow for more light in winter. 

The White cedar tolerates various soil types and can cope well with low rainfall. 


  • Red Cedar (Toona ciliata)

The Red Cedar is often found in rainforests along the East Coast of Australia. Early settlers used it in the early 20th century to build furniture and boats – almost sending the species instinct. 

The Red Cedar can grow up to 60m in height and features a relatively straight trunk. It’s a fast-growing tree with good tolerance to drought and frost. Their leaves are light green, which turn into soft autumn colours dropping in March and April. In late spring, they grow white or pale pink flowers, but they usually are difficult to spot due to the sheer height of the tree and its dense canopy. 


  • Koda (Ehretia acuminata)

The Koda tree is found along the East Coast of Australia, predominantly at the edge of rainforests. It’s a resilient, fast-growing tree reaching up to 25m in height in rainforests. 

The leaves of the Koda tree are mid to dark green and are relatively large at 15cm. The Koda tree features sweetly scented, white flowers in spring, followed by large clusters of edible, sweet-tasting, yellow-orange berries in autumn – attracting many rainforest birds. 

We hope you enjoyed this brief overview of some of Australia’s better known deciduous trees. 


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