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Queensland Bottle Tree Care in Currumbin

21 Dec 2018
The Queensland Bottle Tree (Brachychiton rupestris), is an evergreen-coloured tree known for its bottle-shaped trunk and bell-shaped flowers. Caring for your Bottle Tree is not that hard since it is tolerant of most soil types. If maintained properly, Bottle Trees do not just add beauty to your surroundings; they can also add shade during hot days. If they are not maintained, they can cause hazards and damage to the residents and the environment.

During tropical days, Bottle Trees prefer to be regularly irrigated at least once every week. When planted in a soil with a pH level of more than 8.0, it may develop Chlorosis, a condition caused by nutrient deficiency that will cause the leaves to turn yellow. To minimise the pH level of the soil, adding materials that contain acid such as powdered sulfur can definitely help.

Bottle trees can be found growing in Coastal and sub coastal areas from New South Wales to the Northern Territory. They prefer to grow in bright and sunny locations. This example in Currumbin is situated in a public park thoroughfare, and is enjoyed by many.

Though low maintenance, bottle trees drop fruit pods that can cause litter problems near roads and pathways. The seed within these pods is covered with fine hairs that can cause skin irritation. Some pruning and care should be done to avoid problems caused by the tree.

The team at Tree Essence started work on bottle trees in the suburb of Currumbin. However, they can do more than just tree maintenance. There’s a way for bottle trees to be maintained well, and the experts from Tree Essence know how to get the job done.

For tree-related services in suburbs like Currumbin and beyond, contact Tree Essence. You can reach them at 1300 487 333 or visit their office situated at Jay Gee Court in Nerang.

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