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Poisoned tree removal Robina and the neighbour from hell

Poisoned tree removal Robina and the neighbour from hell

09 Apr 2019
You would hard pressed to fathom the level of empathy we felt for a very recent Robina tree removal client. For reasons we have not come to know exactly a neighbour had poisoned an entire fence line of trees. The offender had gone to a lot of trouble and we saw the evidence. , The neighbour had gone along the fence line diligently scaling a ladder, drilling the target trees and delivering a large dose of poison not missing one.

In a short period of time the evidence was clear and the complete denuding and death of all trees and the death of surrounding ground cover and grass. So much toxin was used that the surrounding soil had to be considered contaminated.

In line for the destruction, a beautiful screen of Alexander Palms, Golden Pendants, Blueberry Ash and Lilly Pillies. As arborists we appreciate trees and often speak with our potential clients coaching them to trim trees, rather than tree pruning or tree removal. For use this sight was really quite sad.

In this case, we had no choice but to take everything away. If there is a silver lining, the overwhelming evidence placed the burden of replacement with the offending neighbour. It should be noted too that tree poisoning on this scale in Robina, or anywhere on the Gold Coast is a rarity.

The job assessed and the lofty price agreed with the parties the work began for Tree Essence.

For the poisoned trees we had to scale the trees, dismantle them, chip and remove them from site. The stumps had to be ground, removing tree roots and poison residue.

With contamination of soil, dead grass and ground cover, we had to remove a full 200mm of top soil which amounted to about 10 cubic metres.

With the site now cleared of toxins, we bought in new soil, planted with the entire fence line with mature trees, restoring privacy. To complete the job we mulched and turfed.

Loving a challenge we also had to do this job in a confined space down a narrow driveway and below a 1 metre retaining wall, but the satisfaction of a job well done and a client grateful to have finally resolved this terrible event.

For Tree Essence it’s another example of our care and diligence we hold primary for our arborist work, be it tree trimming, tree removal or tree lopping across the Gold Coast, Tweed Heads and Byron Shire.

For expert attention to your tree service needs we await your call or enquiry.

Please note, this story is absolutely true but the suburb changed to protect the less innocent.

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