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Poinciana Tree Soil Injection in Surfers Paradise

29 Oct 2018
The overall health of a tree is something many take for granted until severe damage, defoliation, or deciduousness become apparent. Soil injection is a popular and effective method of treating poor tree health and the team at Tree Essence are adept at performing safe and reliable soil injection for your sick trees or plants.

In Surfers Paradise on Queensland’s Gold Coast, Tree Essence were contacted and rushed over to alleviate and improve the condition of a sick Poinciana Tree. The Poinciana Tree exhibited all the tell-tale signs of a tree in desperate need of better nutrition and nurturing.

Soil injection involves the use of water mixed in with pesticide or chemical fertiliser that is delivered via a pressurised water system to a tree’s root zone – generally, the surrounding soil of the affected tree or plant. What this is does is ensures your sick tree or plant is provided optimum nutrition promptly and safely. Soil injection further protects animal and insect population in trees thanks to a reduction of pesticide spray or residue.

Tree Essence offers specialised soil injection services not only to improve plant health and aid in soil regeneration, but to protect important biota and plant roots without contaminating waters. This sick Poinciana Tree has since recovered and blossomed into a vital piece of the Surfers Paradise landscape.  Tree Essence prides itself on delivering soil injection services that are compliant with Australian Standards, giving homeowners and businesses peace mind knowing that their trees and plants are being looked after.

For soil injection services in and around Surfers Paradise, contact the arborists from Tree Essence today on 1300 487 33 or visit their office at 19 Jay Gee Court, Nerang.

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