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Poinciana Tree Pruning Burleigh Heads

Poinciana Tree Pruning Burleigh Heads

22 Apr 2020
This magnificent Poinciana specimen at Burleigh Heads, has been cared for by Tree Essence for about 5 years now. Our clients get us back every year to prune this tree in order to maintain its structure and shape. The results are evident in this photo which displays the aesthetic characters of the tree.

We undertake a specific method for all our clients who are wishing to retain beautiful specimens on their property, like this one. On an annual basis, we only prune small branches to provide clearances and form. The benefits of just pruning small branches off the tree is that we are only exposing the sapwood of the tree, reducing chances of decay & pest infiltrating over a shorter period of time. By having smaller tree pruning cuts plus a small amount of the canopy removed, reduces stress on the tree.

We also treated this tree with a live brew fungi-based soil injection treatment. This stimulates the micro-flora in the soil working in conjunction with the tree roots, promoting healthy soil and overall tree health. Our clients have a true passion for taking care of this Poinciana tree, which in conjunction with the values that Tree Essence strives for, makes for a great working relationship that we are very grateful for.

For all your tree removal Gold Coast needs including tree trimming, tree lopping and other arborist services, Tree Essence is the business to trust. Please give us a call on 1300 487 333. All our work will be undertaken at a safe distance.

Apologies to our southern clients however, due to state border restrictions we are not able to service arborist jobs, tree trimming, tree removal and other work in New South Wales until further notice.

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