Poinciana Removal Tweed Heads

27 Nov 2019
The residents of this property at Tweed Heads, called Tree Essence Arborists to do a site investigation of their property. Of particular concern to them was the Poinciana tree situated close to the house. They had noticed some decay within the tree, plus the large invasive root system of the Poinciana was beginning to lift up portions of the driveway. With the approaching storm season, safety to their family, pets and property was a concerning factor.

We did a thorough investigation of the property. The Poinciana Tree was definitely a concern and we needed to take action. These vibrant flowering trees are unfortunately prone to decay with their soft timber trunk. We discovered a large basil cavity and upon further investigation, we found that the decay went up the tree and down into the root plate. Unfortunately, the best option was to remove the tree before tree branches and debris began to fall, as the decay would continue to progress. Allowing Tree Essence to undertake the investigation allowed both parties to make an informed decision about the welfare of the Poinciana Tree, as tree removal is the last option.

When it comes to arborist services, our core values are aligned with intrinsic nature. The fundamentals of our arborist business is to ensure that each of our clients receives the highest standard of customer service and quality tree services ranging from pruning, lopping and tree removals where necessary. You can trust the qualified and experienced team at Tree Essence Arborists.

If you have any concerns with trees or shrubs around your property, give us a call on 1300 487 333.  We can do a site investigation for you before the onset of the storm season, giving you peace of mind.

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