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Pine Tree Maintenance prior to Fairy Lights being installed at Miami Beach

18 Dec 2019
This stunning Pine Tree at Miami Beach is in the process of becoming a feature in the garden. The owners of this residential property wanted to adorn the tree with Fairy Lights to illuminate a rainbow of colours for full effect, all year round. No doubt a showpiece in the evening for people walking along the beach.

The first thing that Tree Essence Arborists had to undertake was to get the tree ready for its showing. We pruned the tree and cleaned the canopy to aid the tree and ensure the strength and integrity of the branches. The strategy was to open the canopy to maximise the visual effects.

We combined a Cherry Picker plus the amazing agility of Jamie, who climbed the tree in order to manoeuvre the lights into the correct position, paying attention to the specific tip points to give pristine quality. These lights are the latest RBG 24V lights with a colour control box at the bottom of the tree. There is a vast variety of colours in various patterns circling the large Pine Tree providing a spectacular display of brilliance.

Throughout this whole process, several storms could be seen out at sea with lightning flashing in the distance. Tree Essence Arborists were vigilant in making sure all safety protocols were adhered to.

If you have a tree in your garden that needs pruning or trimming then call the trusted and professional team at Tree Essence Arborists, Gold Coast on 1300 487 333. They can maintain the health and structure of your trees, plus show them in all their glory with the addition of Fairy Lights.

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