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Phoenix Palm Pruning Gold Coast – Mermaid Beach

Phoenix Palm Pruning Gold Coast – Mermaid Beach

08 Apr 2020
It could be suggested that nothing accentuates a Gold Coast home lifestyle more than a Palm Tree. For this reason, it is little wonder that the Gold Coast is renowned for having stunning Palm Trees dotted all along the Coast Line. The team at Tree Essence Arborists are well known for our work in successfully maintaining their healthy appearance and structure. As a major tourist destination, it is important to continually maintain the quality of all the fauna and flora along the Gold Coast.

Having seen and heard about the great reputation that Tree Essence has on the Gold Coast for all types of Arborist work, our client called upon us to undertake the tree pruning of a fabulous mature Phoenix Palm, otherwise known as a Canary Island Palm Tree, located at Mermaid Beach. The unique and iconic nature of these palms portrays a level of affluence and given the cost and investment of a mature Phoenix Palm we were more than happy to oblige.

In this instance, we were dealing with a Phoenix Palm that was suffering from ill-health. As the palm is not indigenous to Australia, there is a possibility that climate may have something to do with it, or the proximity to the beach means that the salt air and spray are contributing to the health issues evidenced by the number of dying limbs.

Having vast experience dealing with palms of various varieties, age and health, we prescribed a course of action:
– Consulted with the client about their needs
– Removing the dead and dying limbs
– Applying an Apical nutrient spray to the canopy
– Did a soil nutrient injection with our unique system
– We spoke with our happy client in detail after the job to report the work completed and how to care for their palm in the future.
The result is sure to be a healthier Phoenix Palm which will grow fresh foliage and return to its primary role of complimenting the Mermaid Beachfront property architecture.

For all your tree removal Gold Coast needs including tree trimming, tree lopping and other arborist services, Tree Essence is the business to trust. Please give us a call here at Tree Essence on 1300 487 333. We look forward to talking to you.

Apologies to our southern clients however, due to state border restrictions we are not able to service arborist jobs, tree trimming, tree removal and other work in New South Wales until further notice.

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