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Phoenix Palm Health Management Plan at Labrador

Phoenix Palm Health Management Plan at Labrador

04 Sep 2019
We talked about the stunning Phoenix Palm in our last blog and how we get called upon frequently to maintain their healthy appearance and structure. Given the cost of the initial financial investment into these unique and iconic palms, it makes good sense to continue to invest in their growth and stability.

Another iconic institution established in 1884 on the Gold Coast is The Grand Hotel, on the Broadwater at Labrador. They have 4 stunning Phoenix Palms that enhance the visual pleasure of this historic building. The owners realise the importance of maintaining this look, so we provide them with a Health Management Plan to ensure they have peace of mind and can get on with providing their continued great service to their clientele.

So what is involved in a Health Management Plan?
– It is an annual occurrence
– We do a soil injection treatment
– Canopy foliage spray is used as the cane beetle is a contributing factor for infestation of these palms
– We prune, being very careful not to over prune as this causes stress to the palms
– Dead fronds are removed
– All the debris is broken up and removed from the site
– All health and safety procedures are in place given the location and the nature of the property

A Health Management Plan can be taken out for any type of tree maintenance. Once set up, you don’t have to worry about the continual maintenance of your garden. We here at Tree Essence will do that for you. This is what we specialise in! On the Gold Coast, Tweed and Byron Shire we are known for our dedication and commitment to all types of aborist works. You can trust us with your property, old or new.

Call Tree Essence now on 1300 487 333. We guarantee the quality of our work.

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