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Palm Tree Maintenance in Palm Beach, Burleigh Heads & Miami

05 Dec 2018
Palm trees complete every tropical fantasy. How the leaves sway with the wind while you sip on something from a coconut resting on a hammock tied on a palm tree is such a common thought for many when thinking about that relaxing tropical feel. In real life, palm trees are not that far away from fantasy as it is relatively easy to maintain. Palm trees can easily be taken care of if provided with the most appropriate watering methods. Experts from Tree Essence have tended to palm trees all over the suburbs of Palm Beach, Burleigh Heads, Miami and other suburbs in the Gold Coast. Whether it’s planted on residential or commercial spaces, Tree Essence knows how to tend to every kind of palm trees out there. Generally, it can be “watered down” to four ways:

1. Never overwater
Despite the fact that palm trees are relatively easy to maintain, there are still some that fail to nourish these plants by either overwatering them or failing to give them any water at all. Those who tend to water their palm trees too often make the mistake of exposing the palm tree to various kinds of diseases like root rot. When root rot happens, reviving the plant can get tricky as root rot can be pretty hard to detect. It’s important to know more about what particular kind of palm tree you have planted in order to determine how much water does the plant need.

2. Time it right
After doing a good job of giving the palm tree just the right amount of water, knowing the best time to give water is the next step. The fronds of the palm tree can get easily sunburnt, so the best time to give the palm tree a good watering during the hottest times of the day. Do it in the morning to provide comfort for the palm tree and get it ready for hot afternoons, and maybe do it in the afternoon to give the palm tree a refreshing feel after surviving a hot day.

Watering should also adjust according to the seasons. Most of the palm tree’s growing period happens during the warm months of summer. It is during these times where the palm tree needs a lot of moisture because it spends a lot of energy growing. During winters, however, is when the palm trees grow a little less so they don’t need as much water as they do during the summer. But it’s still important to give the palm tree some watering as it cools down the soil during these months.

3. Water it down, eventually
A newly-planted palm tree may require water every day on its first week. After the first week, adjust watering schedules from every day, to every other day on its third week, and eventually giving it more time by watering it two to three times a week. Some kinds of palm trees only need water when the soil dries out and watering every day could do more harm than help it grow. Again, determine what kind of palm tree you got, and adjust accordingly.

4. Go deep
If you’re familiar with deep watering, it’s not standing beside the plant with the garden hose and blindly splashing away on the plant. Deep watering is the process of letting the water slowly drip over the soil over an hour or two. Deep watering helps the roots to receive all the moisture it needs and is very helpful during the growth period of the palm.

With the most appropriate knowledge and efficient watering schedules, maintaining palm trees can be a relaxing time. Palm trees give that distinct tropical feel everywhere it’s planted. It turns every room into a lounge and every street into a tropical destination. To get to know more about tending to your palm trees or even thinking of getting one for your commercial or residential space, call Tree Essence. Tree Essence covers various arboricultural services like tree pruning, tree removal, or tree lopping to mention a few. Covering suburbs in the Gold Coast like Palm Beach, Burleigh Heads, Miami and beyond, Tree Essence can be reached through their phone number at 1300 487 333. You can also visit their office at Jay Gee Court in Nerang to get to know your trusted arboriculturists.

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