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Palm Cleaning Varsity Lakes

Palm Cleaning Varsity Lakes

13 Nov 2019
Cleaning palms is necessary to maintain the aesthetic look of the tree, to keep the tree healthy ensuring longevity and most importantly to remove any dead fronds and berries from the palm which can become a hazard for people and property.

Varsity College asked Tree Essence Gold Coast to undertake the cleaning of their two (2) Livistona Palms which are situated in front of the entrance. These palms are tall and slender growing up to 25-30 metres in height  Having heavy dead fronds falling from that height would be hazardous to people traffic, walking underneath. So you can see why palm cleaning, particularly in this instance, is absolutely necessary for the safety and the wellbeing of all the students, teachers and visitors who come to the College.

As we do with all the projects that we undertake, the environment was secured in the first instance and all the appropriate protocols and standards were undertaken. Palm cleaning involves sculpting, shaving and pruning the tree. It is wise not to remove any of the green fronds, as the palms photosynthesize off the live leaves.  Passion for tree care is the essence of what our team of arborists strive for here at Tree Essence Gold Coast.

If you have a need for palm cleaning call Tree Essence Arborists Gold Coast on 1300 487 333. Proudly supporting our local schools and community. We are here to help you!

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