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Large tree removal Tweed Heads

06 Nov 2019
We looked at every option to save this 35 metre Iron Bark (Eucalyptus Crebra). The owners are eco-conscious adopting the same philosophy as Tree Essence Arborists Tweed Heads, when it comes to tree prevention and conservation. However, this tree was causing structural damage to the owner’s property due to the expansion of the root system and the falling debris. Safety was becoming an issue for anyone walking around the property grounds. Debris was falling and causing havoc in the driveway, pool area, around the house and the children’s play area. That is when you know it is time for a tree to be removed. So removing the Iron Bark was the last resort, however very necessary for safety reasons.

Of course Council approval had to be received before undertaking the task of removing the tree. The team at Tree Essence Tweed Heads, as in each and every case, scope out the project to ensure a safe environment for people, pets and property. The Iron Bark was dissected piece by piece as you can see from the attached photo with Jamie manoeuvring around the highest branches to complete the final stages.

The debris was chipped up onsite and used on the newly re-landscaped gardens around the property. The large pieces of timber were cut to the correct length and used for firewood for the winter months.  The owners are replanting a more appropriate tree in this particular section of the property grounds.

As a natural extension to our thriving business on the Gold Coast, Tree Essence Arborists are now operating in the Tweed and Byron areas. If you have any concerns with trees or shrubs on your property or have an immediate need for tree removal, please call us on 1300 487 333.

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