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Land clearing & Tree Removal Nerang, Gold Coast

17 Jun 2020
This new client of Tree Essence recently purchased a rural block of land and house at Nerang, Gold Coast. Unfortunately, the previous owners had a contractor out who had cut all the top out of their large Gum Trees.

This is considered to be poor practice and bad judgment due to the ongoing effect it has on the trees. Hence, the trees had re-shot with Epicormic.  Epicormic is where dormant buds sit underneath the bark, their growth suppressed by hormones from active shoots higher up the plant, normally caused by stress in the tree. These large Gum Trees had been topped and they were trying to regrow their lost canopy.

These shoots grow up and because they are only attached to the outside bark there is no overlapping tissue for strength. As these large Gum Trees had been topped, they were growing back quickly with no strength to re-enforce their stability – they were potentially dangerous. If and when a storm came through they could snap off and fall causing havoc to people, pets and property.

Our client called upon Tree Essence to undertake an inspection of the entire property as it was overgrown, more importantly, was their concern over the state of the 8 large Gum Trees that had been topped. Unfortunately, tree removal was the only solution as they had decay in them.  We recommended seeking Council approval first and this course of action was eventually given the “go-ahead”.

There was a significant amount of land clearing to be undertaken and a number of tree removals however, the owners were replenishing them with Golden Palm and smaller trees to keep the aesthetic look of this rural property. We chipped everything on site and this was used for the gardens. Our clients were extremely happy to receive the correct advice to ensure the longevity of their trees and shrubs. The highly experienced team at Tree Essence Arborists pride themselves on offering all facets of tree services Gold Coast.

We specialise in all types of tree removal Gold Coast including land clearing, tree trimming, tree pruning and other arborist services, Tree Essence is the business to trust. We also service the Tweed and Byron areas. Please give us a call here at Tree Essence on 1300 487 333. We look forward to talking to you. All our work will be undertaken at a safe distance.

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