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Jacaranda Tree Pruning in Carrara

28 Nov 2018
The Jacaranda Tree, a tree known for its lavender-coloured flower, can grow up to 10 metres. Native to Central America, the Jacaranda Tree made its way to Australia more than a hundred years ago. The fernlike foliage of the Jacaranda Tree turns yellow in the winter and is usually planted beside roads and linings of streets. Making an appearance in various environments in Carrara, The Jacaranda Tree is a bonsai favourite as well.

It is best to keep the Jacaranda tree in warmer conditions. Growing Jacaranda trees can seriously experience damage when exposed to very cold conditions. After getting through the cold seasons, however, the tree is not as affected by the frost and could continue growing strong as usual. Because of the climate demands of the Jacaranda Tree, and the aesthetic features it offers to everywhere its planted, suburbs in the Gold Coast like Carrara are some of the best places to see Jacaranda trees flourish.

The Jacaranda tree grows best in sandy soil that drains well under a full sun. It is also best not to prune the plant while it is still growing, and to let the soil dry out between watering. The Jacaranda tree has a unique root system, so it should be planted where it can’t interfere with nearby paths underground pipes.

The best conditions for the Jacaranda tree to be pruned is around early spring in Carrara after it has grown fully. Qualified pruners generally take extral caution to clipping off suckers that grow vertically. The branches of the Jacaranda tree tend to get heavy when it grows, so much so that it could split the trunk if not maintained properly. Strike the balance and have strong and healthy branches without endangering the trunk by keeping the canopy of the Jacaranda tree thin. When pruning the Jacaranda tree, it’s best to keep the trimming below 20% of the tree’s total growth.

A Jacaranda tree well taken care of can live up to 50 years, and the best way to give the Jacaranda tree all the care it needs is to allow Carrara’s trusted arboriculturists from Tree Essence to handle everything. Call Tree Essence now for arboriculturist services in Carrara and other suburbs on the Gold Coast. You can reach Tree Essence through their phone number 1300 487 333 or visit their office at Jay Gee Court in Nerang to know more about their services.

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