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How to prepare your trees for winter in South East Queensland

When the nights get colder in autumn, it’s an excellent time to prepare your trees for winter. Winter garden prep helps your trees remain strong throughout the cooler months and provides them with the best chance to thrive again in the year’s warmer months. 

Here are some tips to give your trees the best chance of getting through winter unscathed. 


Winter Tree Pruning

Late autumn or early winter is the ideal time to remove any diseased or dead branches. Without the extra foliage in winter, it’s much easier to see which branches need pruning. Pruning your trees in autumn can also provide much-needed sunlight helping other plants in your backyard, such as vegetables, to grow. 

When it comes to pruning, it’s important that you apply proper pruning techniques.  When this is done incorrectly, you risk damaging the structural integrity and long-term health of your trees.  Ask for help from a professional arborist if you’re unsure.



tree mulching



Mulching in autumn protects your trees from temperature changes in the upcoming winter. Mulching adds nutrients to the soil so your tree can stay healthy. By applying new mulch, you help regulate the moisture levels and temperature of the soil and your trees.

When applying mulch, be mindful not to pile it up too high directly around the tree trunk.  By doing this, you could risk suffocating the tree or even promoting disease. 


Apply Water

Water your trees well throughout autumn and winter – especially if there has been no to little rain.  If your tree doesn’t get enough water for a long time, it can damage the tree’s root system, making your tree weak, sick, and potentially unsafe.


Protect your trees from pests

Overwintering insects and their eggs hiding in the tree bark can negatively affect your trees when temperatures start to warm up again in spring. Look at treating your trees with a spray in early winter. There are natural, plant oil-based treatments available that are highly effective in reducing pests.  


During autumn and winter, proper care and maintenance are essential to enjoy healthy solid trees in the spring and summer months. For extra help, you can contact our professional team at Tree Essence. We come out to inspect the area to provide you with the best possible solution. 


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