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Fairy Light Installation and Maintenance, Brisbane

03 Jun 2020
These fairy lights were installed on Racecourse Road, Ascot in 2019. The gateway to Racecourse Road on either end stands 2 stunning Fig Trees. Each tree has approximately 600 metres of lights circling from the base of the tree up to the tips of the branches. Every year, as part of the maintenance schedule Tree Essence works in conjunction with the Decorative Lighting Company a wholesaler, who is based on the Gold Coast, to keep these trees adorned with aesthetic grace.

Tree Essence provides aerial access and specialised climbing skills to undertake the installation. Ropes and harnesses are used to climb around the tree like a Ninja Warrior.  We can climb and access where a Cheery Picker canno got. Annually we check the light strings and tension on the trunks so that there is no constriction of the trees and make sure all the lights are functioning and there is no damage.

The lights plug into a 240v power with a transformer so the lights are all LED, low voltage and set on a timer. The light strings range from 3 to 10 metres in length and all have connectors that are waterproof and IP rated.

Such is the versatility of the team from Tree Essence Arborists. They specialise in all aspects of tree services and can provide the service of installing fairy lights to enhance any street, property or function in Brisbane or the Gold Coast.

For any tree removal Gold Coast needs including tree trimming, tree pruning and other arborist services, Tree Essence is the business to trust. We also service the Tweed and Byron areas. Please give us a call here at Tree Essence on 1300 487 333. We look forward to talking to you. All our work will be undertaken at a safe distance.

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