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Factors influencing Molendinar homeowners to avail of tree removal services

10 May 2019
The Gold Coast is a tree-abundant city and everyone who lives there adores them. Trees play a vital role as it helps streetscapes look more appealing to residents and visitors, especially in Molendinar. But since Gold Coast is one of the cities in South East Queensland that get affected during a storm surge, the majority of the residents in the suburb have their trees removed before the season hits them. Aside from storm season, here are some of the factors influencing Molendinar homeowners to have their trees removed.

Everyone in Molendinar loves the look of a majestic tree in their front yard. But in an urban setting, invasive roots aren’t always suitable. These roots may damage structural foundations, whether home or commercial spaces. Not just it only affects the foundation, but it may cost you repairs for plumbing systems and pavements.

Trees become weak over time. As per arborists, when a tree is already dead and unhealthy, tree removal is advised. The signs that tell a tree is about to die include fungus on the trunk, rotten inside and out and branch loss.

One of the most obvious factors that influence Molendinar homeowners to cut down a tree is its current size. Trees get older and larger over time. That means the branches, trunk and roots increases their sizes too. When a tree branch falls, accidents are likely to happen.

All these factors require availing a tree surgeon. To help you remove dangerous trees in Molendinar, call the qualified tree arborists from Tree Essence.

For tree removal and other tree-related services in Molendinar, call Tree Essence via phone on 1300 487 333. You can also visit their office located at 19 Jay Gee Court Nerang.

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