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Eucalyptus Tree Surgery – Southport

12 Dec 2018
A large Eucalyptus tree in Southport was causing somewhat of an inconvenience for a family and their four-bedroom home. The tree’s overarching upper branches and encroached on much of the home’s frontage and made its way to the driveway; its fallen leaves clogging up drains and gutters and not to mention the potential hazard to bystanders and those walking around it.

The team from Tree Essence were called to help, and they responded promptly. Tree Essence is complete with a team of tree surgeons, and expert arborists.

Often treated as the same individuals, there is a difference between the discipline of arboriculture and tree surgery. Arborists are experts when it comes to finding out the cause of a tree’s disease, and is very particular when it comes to the best conditions where a tree can thrive.

The tree surgeon, on the other hand, is an expert in relation to trimming, pruning, and removing trees. When branches can grow to a length where they could endanger lives and property, not everyone with a saw can fix the problem. Often times, when jobs like these are done by inexperienced individuals, they end up causing more damage in the end.

For this particular problem, the team from Tree Essence strategically manoeuvred through the obstructions and used both the expertise of arborists and tree surgeons to fix the problem safely.

Trees can be a great addition in any residential yard or business establishment parking lot, but if trees are not given proper treatment, they can cause costly problems that may not be undone.

For everything tree-related, be sure to call Tree Essence.

Tree Essence services suburbs like Southport and various other suburbs in the Gold Coast. Call them now at 1300 487 333 or check out their office in Jay Gee Court in Nerang and know more about what Tree Essence could do for you.

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