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Caring for your Poinciana Tree Gold Coast

10 Mar 2020
The team at Tree Essence Gold Coast has maintained Poinciana trees in households and business establishments on the Gold Coast areas for years.

The Poinciana is a flowering tree and an easy yard favourite in Australia. Its flowers, large and luscious, come in bright red-orange and grow up to eight centimetres long. Its leaves look feathery and come in bright green growing some 30-50 centimetres long. The Poinciana carries seed pods because it’s a legume. The tree can grow up to 10 metres tall however, the average height is between 3 to 5 metres.

If you have a fully grown Poinciana tree in your yard, you’ll know that they are blooming beautifully for several weeks throughout Spring and Summer. Apart from the Poinciana giving an aesthetic feature as an ornamental favourite, it also provides plenty of cooling shade from hot days because of its large spanning branches.

The Poinciana does require work to maintain its structure and healthy look all year round. To achieve a strong tree structure, we recommend that you prune regularly, most often before Spring regrowth begins. This is necessary because the tree’s branches tend to overextend with the new growth and droop down. Tree pruning helps strengthen the branches and reduces the load on the union of the branch. Pruning the lower branches also provides a shaded area for people to sit under, during the summer months and enjoy the surrounds.

If you want your Poinciana Tree to look healthy and stunning all year round call Tree Essence Arborists on 1300 487 333. For all your tree removal Gold Coast needs including tree trimming, tree lopping and other arborist services, Tree Essence is the business to trust.  We also service the Tweed and Byron Bay areas. We look forward to talking to you.

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