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Acacia Tree Removal Gold Coast

02 Aug 2019
Acacia, also known as Wattle, is a native tree found not only on the Gold Coast but across all corners of this beautiful land we call home. Three  of the most common Acacia or Wattle trees on the Gold Coast include the Acacia Bancroftii, Acacia Holosericia and Acacia Buxifolia (known as a box-leaf wattle). Their sizes depend on their height and could either look like a small tree or a shrub. Acacia tree removals on the Gold Coast are all but a common request for us at Tree Essence. Before removing them, however, it’s important to understand a little more about them.

Although Acacia trees are known to grow fast, most of them typically live up to only 20-30 years. The tree has long roots which are helpful in stabilising the soil in areas that are mostly affected by erosion. Its well-built roots absorb the water from underground which helps the tree to survive in extreme drought conditions. Even though Acacia trees can thrive in any soil conditions, they prefer to grow properly in well-drained soils. Acacia trees require little to no water at all but strongly needs sunlight.

Many varieties of this particular tree are protected by thorns. Other species of this tree are characterised by an unpleasant taste to ward off hungry herbivores that eat its bark and leaves. It is for the same reason that ants and acacia trees continue to exist symbiotically. Ants use the thorns as their shelter and consume the nectar being produce/d by an Acacia tree. In return, ants protect the tree by stinging any animals that are trying to chew off its leaves.

Although most acacia trees are immune to diseases, they are still habitable by pests such as mites, aphids, and scales. When an Acacia tree is planted near your home, there is a huge likelihood that these pests can make their way to your home through its overlapping branches. This is where pruning on a regular basis becomes a necessity, especially during the dry season. Pruning an Acacia tree prevents it from being affected by fungal diseases that weaken its structure. When left untreated, a fungal infection may contaminate its adjacent plants. In which case, Acacia tree removal becomes the best solution to avoid safety hazards and property damage.

While Acacia trees provide great scenery to your home in the Gold Coast, these trees are sometimes unsafe when they’re not maintained properly. This is why most homeowners on the Gold Coast prefer tree removal to have their investment protected. For tree removal, tree pruning and arborist-related jobs on the Gold Coast, Tweed Heads and Byron Bay, call Tree Essence now at 1300 487 333.

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