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5 Common Reasons To Remove A Tree From Your Yard

Trees are amazing! They improve the air quality around us and have a calming effect on our minds & souls.  Trees provide shelter to many local birds, insects and other wildlife and shade and privacy to our homes. Naturally, we want to try everything to preserve the beautiful trees around us.


However, at times a tree can be more harmful to keep than it’s worth. Let’s look at some of the most common reasons you may need to say ‘goodbye’ to a tree in your backyard. Please note that before you go ahead to remove a tree, it’s important to remember to check with your local council if a permit is required. 


1. The tree is dead 

As soon as you notice that a tree in your yard is dead or dying, it may be time for removal. A large dead or dying tree can threaten your or your neighbors property  during bad weather conditions such as high winds or heavy rainstorms.

If you’re unsure if the tree is indeed dead, you can call in a trained arborist who can inspect your tree and see if it needs removing. 

Make sure you don’t put it off, as the longer you leave it, the more dangerous the tree can become and the more tricky it can be to remove it. 


2. The tree is causing damage to foundations.

Sometimes the roots of a tree can interfere with the foundations of your home and your plumbing, lift up your driveway or damage your retaining walls

Look out for early warning signs of foundation damage, such as:

  • Vertical cracks on the walls
  • Uneven windows or door frames
  • Uneven floor surface

If preventative measures to contain the root system fail, you may need to consider removing your tree. Talk to the professionals and ask them for their expert opinion before you’re up for thousands of dollars in repair costs to your building & plumbing.

tree roots


3. The tree is bug-infested

If a tree has been infested with a bug, the tree structure can be compromised. The next storm can cause branches to fall, causing potential damage to your home or even injury to anyone in the tree’s proximity. 

Another problem to look out for is the pests’ potential to spread and infect other trees nearby or, worse, make their way into your home, becoming an even bigger headache.


4. The tree is dangerous.

If a tree is leaning in a dangerous direction, like toward your house, driveway, deck or your children’s play area, it may be time to have it removed. These trees indicate breakage or weakening of roots. Have a professional arborist assess the situation to keep your children and pets safe while they are playing in your backyard. 


5. The tree is damaged

A heavy storm can cause havoc in your backyard. The strong winds and pouring rain can damage or compromise a tree to the extent that it can become dangerous to your surroundings. We have attended several sites to help with the removal of storm-damaged trees, such as this one in Mudgeeraba on the Gold Coast. Before the storm season, we recommend that you book a site inspection with a qualified arborist who can help you identify which trees need special attention. 

storm damaged tree


There are several reasons why removing a tree from your property may be necessary. Sometimes there are ways to mitigate the problem, and the tree can stay in place, but other times there is no other way than to remove it. 


Removing a tree is no easy task and can result in severe injury and damage to your or your neighbour’s home if done by someone without knowledge. We recommend removing a tree with the help of a certified arborist who has a good understanding of the risks involved. 

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